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Going to cap of this 3rd day off ……..

By hitting up the dollar movies to check out Ride Along and some poolside drinking

Gotta love mill ave at 6am

Oh yea that’s me on the beat and my down south homie REVA & Hybird

A 55hr work week in the books

Sleep is the cousin of death mos def

I’m gonna miss this place, those crazy kids, my friends and the good times.

Last weekend working at Firehouse Subs

I’m soooooo not gonna miss the early starts

I will say this…

Last nite was fun and you were looking really cute I must say, you know who you are.

Anybody in PHX/AZ going to the FallOutBoy/Paramore show in August?

hit me up my tumblr peeps cuz I think I mite go solo

my fav video/song of the last few weeks I can’t get sick of this thank you FallOutBird for making love FOB again